This code snippet can help you to calculate a Person’s age using C# and VB.NET.

C# Snippet


using System;


namespace de.Fesslersoft.CalculateAge
    internal class Program
        public static int CalculateAge(DateTime birthday)
            var todaysDate = DateTime.Today;
            var ageCalculated = todaysDate.Year - birthday.Year;
            if (birthday > todaysDate.AddYears(-ageCalculated))
                ageCalculated = ageCalculated - 1;
            return ageCalculated;

        private static void Main(string[] args)
            var myBirthday = new DateTime(1982, 3, 22);
            var age = CalculateAge(myBirthday);
            Console.WriteLine("Calculated age is {0}", age);

VB.NET Snippet

Namespace de.Fesslersoft.CalculateAge
    Module Module1
        Sub Main()
            Dim myBirthday = New DateTime(1982, 3, 22)
            Dim age = CalculateAge(myBirthday)
            Console.WriteLine("Calculated age is {0}", age)
        End Sub

        Public Function CalculateAge(birthday As DateTime) As Integer
            Dim todaysDate = DateTime.Today
            Dim ageCalculated = todaysDate.Year - birthday.Year
            If birthday > todaysDate.AddYears(- ageCalculated) Then
                ageCalculated = ageCalculated - 1
            End If
            Return ageCalculated
        End Function
    End Module
End Namespace

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working .NET 2.0
working .NET 3.0
not tested .NET 3.5
not working .NET 4.0
not working .NET 4.5

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