To get a word by index in C# and VB.NET you can use the following snippet.

Sample C#

public static string GetWordByIndex(string input, int index)
		var words = input.Split(' ');
		if ((index < 0) || (index > words.Length - 1))
			throw new IndexOutOfRangeException("Index out of range!");
		return words[index];
	catch (Exception ex)
		//handle the exception your way
		return string.Empty;

Sample VB.NET

Public Shared Function GetWordByIndex(input As String, index As Integer) As String
		Dim words = input.Split(" ")
		If (index < 0) OrElse (index > words.Length - 1) Then
			Throw New IndexOutOfRangeException("Index out of range!")
		End If
		Return words(index)
	Catch ex As Exception
		'handle the exception your way
		Return String.Empty
	End Try
End Function

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