To change the BackgroundColor of a XtraGrid Grouprow you need to use the Gridviews CustomDrawGroupRow Event.

Sample C#

private void gridView1_CustomDrawGroupRow(object sender, RowObjectCustomDrawEventArgs e)
	var converter = new ColorConverter();
	var convertFromString = converter.ConvertFromString("#ebebeb");
	if (convertFromString != null)
		e.Appearance.BackColor = (Color) convertFromString;

Sample VB.NET

Private Sub gridView1_CustomDrawGroupRow(sender As Object, e As RowObjectCustomDrawEventArgs)
	Dim converter = New ColorConverter()
	Dim convertFromString = converter.ConvertFromString("#ebebeb")
	If convertFromString IsNot Nothing Then
		e.Appearance.BackColor = DirectCast(convertFromString, Color)
	End If
End Sub

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